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For some couples the Holiday Season can be a trying time. Stress such as extra expenses, time with extended family, and unmet expectations can amplify existing cracks in a relationship.

Heleen Woest is a caring and skilled therapist who had been married for 26 years and raised 4 children. She loves to help couples with relationship and parenting issues. She offers a safe space where couples can deepen trust, repair wounds, and communicate needs and wants to each other.  

**8 sessions of 90 minutes each for the low price of $80 per session (normally $160). Offer valid till December 31st, 2018.


The Holiday Season is supposed to be a time for strengthening family bonds, however, fragile relationships may be tested by the pressure of too much time, stress, and money spent. Some families experience pain, chaos, and violence this time of year. 

Heleen Woest is a caring and skilled therapist who had been married for 26 years and raised 4 children. She knows about the many challenges and conflict that families face and she loves to help parents, children, and extended family members restore unity and peace.

**8 sessions of 90 minutes each for the low price of $100 per session (normally $200).Offer valid till December 31st, 2018.   


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Holiday Special

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Thank you for visiting our website. Life Solutions Counseling provides professional and friendly counseling services to people from all walks of life.
We facilitate change, joy, healing, and strong relationships.

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EMDR Therapy

PTSD |  Trauma  | Abuse  | Anxiety  | Nightmares | Flashbacks  | Panic Attacks 

Eating Disorders | Domestic Violence | Complicated Grief  | Disturbing Memories 

Attachment Disorders | Intimate Partner Violence

Heleen Woest is a National Certified Counselor with a compassion for people who live under the burden of past trauma and abuse. She is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), an evidence-based treatment that has been effectively used to treat trauma for decades. 


Are you lacking support in your life?  
We offer psychoeducation groups that are real, inviting, and supportive.
The groups  are facilitated by a qualified mental health professional with years of group experience. Joining a group can be scary and awkward at first, but don’t let that keep you from the benefits of support, accountability, and friendship. Please call us at (503) 914-2749 if you have any questions

Parenting Kids with Mental Disorders

Parenting LGBTQ Children

Survivors of Domestic Violence

Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

Food Addiction & Eating Disorders

Love Addiction & Fear of Rejection

Are you worried that your partner will never stop hurting you? Are you afraid to tell someone?

Are you parenting a "difficult or troubled" child? Do you have support?

Online Counseling

Is it difficult for you to go to a therapist’s office?
You can now experience therapy in the comfort of your own home. 
We provide online counseling services for clients who live in Oregon or specified countries. These services  are secure and take place via a private client portal.

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Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling
Depressions, Anxiety, Bipolar
Trauma, Abuse, PTSD
Parenting challenges
Marital and Pre-marital
Bulimia, Binge Eating, Food Addiction
Culture shock and adaption
Integration of faith and counseling
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