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Therapy, Support, and Education Groups in Beaverton, OR

Life Solutions Counseling offers Education, Support, and Accountability at our therapy groups in Beaverton, Oregon.  All groups are facilitated by a qualified mental health professional. We offer groups during the day and in the evenings.

Survivors of Domestic & Intimate Partner Violence

Domestic or intimate partner violence consists of a never ending cycle of verbal, emotional, sexual, or physical abuse, alternated by times of short lived calm or peace. It is not easy to  accept that the person you love may never stop hurting you, regardless of the promises he/she is making. It is even harder to leave, especially if you have nobody to support you.

You will receive information, support, and resources at this group. Come find out what you can do to  break free from the cycle of abuse. If you are in danger call 911 or the Domestic Violence Crisis Line: 503-469-8620. You can also find FREE services/resources at the DVRC: 503-640-5352

Healthy Boundaries in All Relationships

Do you often try to help or save others?
Are you often drawn into their drama or problems? Maybe you find it difficult to say no, or feel guilty when you do?

You are not alone, this is a big problem for many people. 

In this group you will learn what healthy boundaries look like. You will also practice how to be assertive, stand up for yourself, say no, and teach others to respect your boundaries.



Parents/Caregivers of Children With Mental Disorders

There is not a lot of support out there for parents of children with mental health disorders.

Families who have sick children usually receive support from the community, but in the case of a mental disorder people shy away. It is mostly due to a great deal of ignorance in our society regarding the brain and it’s diseases, so these families are left with only a handful of support people, if they’re lucky.

Come talk candidly with other parents who faced similar challenges. You will find NO judgment, just a deep empathy  and understanding of the toll mental disorders can take on the whole family.


Parents/Caregivers of LGBTQ Children

It is difficult for some parents to cope with the news that their child has a different sexuality or orientation than theirs. As a result many families are torn apart and children are deeply wounded. 

Families of faith based backgrounds find this transition especially difficult and painful. 
Please know that you are not alone.
Come get some information and talk with other parents who walked the same road as you. It is possible to maintain or even deepen the relationship with your LGBTQ child. 



Love Addiction & Fear Of Rejection

Do you feel that you are nothing, or simply cannot survive, without your partner? You may be staying with an abusive partner because you can not bear to be alone. 

You may even be in a happy relationships but live in constant dread that you may lose the affection or company of your partner.

You are not alone. Many people live under the fear of not wanting to be alone, so they settle.. They will do anything to please and appease their partners. What they perceive to be love is really a deep seated fear of rejection. 

Food Addiction & Eating Disorders

Are you struggling with food addiction, binge eating disorder, or compulsive overeating? This group will help you understand what you are dealing with in a holistic way, not focusing exclusively on weight loss. 

You are not alone. Come find out more about food addiction and other eating disorders, and also meet other people who are dealing with the same issues. 

Come take a look at various treatment options and plans, as well as statistics and interesting case studies related to food addiction and eating disorders.

Domestic Violence Education & Support Group

Support Group: Parents of Kids With Mental Disorders

 Everyone is welcome to register regardless of gender, age, sexuality, disability, faith, race, ethnicity, or culture. However, groups may not be a safe or appropriate method of treatment for certain individuals. The group counselor reserves the right to present such individuals with other options of treatment.